Your Impostor Syndrome is a signpost of success (Guidance for fellow impostors)

Marte Siebenhar
5 min readOct 7, 2022

If you haven’t yet received feedback that you (or what you want) are…

  • Inappropriate…
  • Too much…
  • Crazy…
  • Impossible…
  • Unthinkable…
  • Difficult…

…then I have news for you:

You haven’t been dreaming, thinking, being, speaking, or acting nearly big enough. And not even close to the full scale of your true expansiveness, power, or purpose.

The natural thing to do, when given critical feedback (like: “you’re just too much!” or “that will never happen”) is to step back, get smaller, slow down, stop, or shut down.

Because the voices in your head, which usually originated with people who meant well and wanted to keep you safe or help you avoid pain, have trained you to:

  • Stay in your lane
  • Not draw too much attention to yourself
  • Not outshine or outpace others, especially those who came before you
  • Not set your sights too high, in case you end up disappointed or hurt
  • Stop from taking risks you don’t know are a “sure thing”

Those voices say, “Who are you, to want all of that, and who are you to believe you can be, do, act, and have it all come true, right here in your life, right now?”

The voices also say:

  • Don’t get a big head.
  • You’ll never succeed.
  • If they couldn’t do it, what makes you think that you could?
  • You don’t have what it takes. Why even try?
  • You’ve been successful doing this one thing, why would you throw that away and do something else, if you aren’t sure that new thing will work?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • You’ve never accomplished anything the size of what you’re imagining, so how would you possibly figure out how to go about doing it?
  • What you want isn’t possible because you don’t have (choose from and add to this list): the background, the money, the network, the followers, the fame, the…